Ex-CTO of Glovo and ex-Head of Sales of Degustabox launch start-up that aims to revolutionise last-mile delivery
Barcelona entrepreneurs have created 'Eliport', a new start-up specialised in autonomous robots for last-mile delivery.
The ex-CTO of Glovo, Dmitry Skorinko, and ex-Head of sales of Degustabox, Patrick Synge, have joined forces to create Eliport, a start-up that is looking to revolutionise last- mile delivery via fully autonomous ground robots.

Eliport will bring a fleet of ground-based delivery robots to our streets; safe and practical, these little robots will completely change the way the e-commerce industry works, saving businesses and their customers precious time and money. Eliport is focusing on last-mile delivery and will eradicate the common problems associated with it - from the cost of couriers, to unsuccessful delivery attempts, to damaged packages - and more.
"We aim to go one step further than other companies in this field, completely automating the entire delivery process - from the loading of the robot at the warehouse, to its unloading at the final destination. Our vision is to take away the problems associated with last-mile delivery - whether economic, social or environmental", said Dmitry, ex-CTO of Glovo and CEO of Eliport.

Able to carry a payload of around 30-40kg (66-88lbs), they will be automatically loaded at the logistics hub and, on arrival at the end user's address, they will be able to unload themselves into a pre-installed 'trunk', or another opening within a secure location. The robots will also be able to be opened by humans in certain circumstances, and access will be gained by facial recognition or a code.

Eliport's delivery robots will travel on pavements in pedestrian zones at walking-speed; they will be able to navigate their environment autonomously, making them easily able to slot into public life, courteously giving way to humans and animals when they encounter them. Each robot will have an HD, 3D map of the neighbourhood in which it is operating and 10-14 sensors to record and transmit data in real-time. It will therefore know all the possible routes to get to its destination and be able to choose the most efficient one, avoid colliding with anything, or going-up and dropping-off curbs.

Dmitry and Patrick want to bring their extensive experience in the delivery world to robotics; they plan to become major players in the autonomous delivery robot market, their USP being that their robots will be completely autonomous and, crucially, self- unloading. Eliport has a pending US patent and 3D designs of their robot. With future business clients (Tesco, UK, and Ulabox.com, Spain, among them) already very interested in trialling the product, they hope to launch their official mechanical prototype this year (2018), with an autonomous product coming to market around 2020.

About Eliport

Eliport was born out of Dmitry and Patrick's desire to solve the 'unsolvable' in last-mile delivery services. With Eliport, they aim to solve the last mile logistics problem by providing a fleet of ground-based, robotic delivery machines that will change the face of cities overnight. These robots will be autonomous, and will travel on pavements and in pedestrian zones at walking speed.

The differentiating factor between Eliport and other AGVs is that Eliport's robots will be able to load and unload without human interaction. As such, they will offer businesses reliable and cost-effective delivery services for urban and suburban areas, as well as solving all convenience-based delivery issues for the end consumer.

Eliport will launch its official equity crowdfunding page at the beginning of March 2018.

Website: www.eliport.com
Facebook: @eliportrobots
Twitter: @eliportrobots
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eliport/
Crowdfunding page: https://www.startengine.com/eliport

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Barcelona, Spain, 9th October 2017
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