Eliport secures their second Advisory board member: Michael Müller - the renowned robotics and mechatronics expert
Michael Müller is to join the Advisory Board of Eliport as order to help guide the business on its future robotic endeavours. He is the 2nd to be appointed in as many weeks by the company's co-founders, Dmitry Skorinko and Patrick Synge
Michael will join the Advisory Board of Eliport as of the 17th April and fill the position of Robotics Advisor (mechanical and electrical). With numerous inventions and industrial products to his name, it is very clear that Michael will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Eliport.

"Having such a well-known robotics expert join our team is fantastic. We are extremely excited to start working with Michael straightaway on our prototype robot and are sure that he will play a huge role in the success of our concept. Having him onboard is a testament to our unique approach to last-mile delivery and that is a real accolade for Eliport," says Dmitry, CEO of Eliport and ex-CTO of Glovo.
Currently based near Munich, Germany, Michael spent much of his early years in various parts of the world working on many different robotics projects. He started out as an apprentice at Mercedes-Benz in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was there that his passion to learn more about mechatronics was fuelled and led to him being one of the first to ever study the subject in an academic remit.

Fresh out of education, Michael went on to hold many different positions over the subsequent years, ranging from being a robot programmer, researcher of automated laser processes, robotic retrofitter of industrial milling machines including 3D construction, support engineer for the automotive industry to being a project leader for medical robotics with over 100 relevant contact persons and head of a research department.

Whilst at KUKA (one of the world's leading industrial robotics manufactures) Michael was responsible for many projects. Many went on to become commercial products, two of which were in the medical field involving modified industrial robots operating side by side with doctors for diagnostics and caner treatment purposes.

Most recently Michael has transitioned into a more consultancy based role, offering his services to industrial juggernauts such as Audi and Huawei. His focus here has been on rapid development of mechatronic systems using microcontrollers and rapid manufacturing as well as drawing on his influence in the areas of 3D artists, data and AI experts.

The appointment of such a prestigious and accomplished robotics expert to the Eliport board comes just two weeks after the appointment of Lukas Neckermann, the renowned autonomous and smart cities expert. This is a clear sign of their desire to speed up everything in the company's plans: from prototype design and route to market, to securing top talent to help make all of their plans a reality.

Michael is bound to be a true asset to the team and ensure they stay ahead of the quickly evolving robotics curve.

About Eliport

Eliport was born out of Dmitry and Patrick's desire to solve the 'unsolvable' in last-mile delivery services. With Eliport, they aim to solve the last mile logistics problem by providing a fleet of ground-based, robotic delivery machines that will change the face of cities overnight. These robots will be autonomous, and will travel on pavements and in pedestrian zones at walking speed.

The differentiating factor between Eliport and other AGVs is that Eliport's robots will be able to load and unload without human interaction. As such, they will offer businesses reliable and cost-effective delivery services for urban and suburban areas, as well as solving all convenience-based delivery issues for the end consumer.

Eliport launched its crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of March 2018.

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