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If the robot is supposed to move parcels or boxes, what size is expected?
Is the robot expected to move many parcels/units/items per journey or only one?
Is the robot expected to move on car roads or pedestrian areas?
What is the whole logistics’ volume happening right now on site per week (approximately) or what volume do you expect to have?
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What maximum payload is expected for the robot?
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What are the expected speed, and maximum distance and working hours on one battery charge?
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The supposed way of charging?
The way of loading?
The way of unloading?
How many delivery and pickup points are expected for the robot (consider also parking and charging points)?
What is the space of the operation in square meters (approximate)?
How many buildings are in the area and how many people are working/living there?
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What is the surface / terrain of the operation?
Is the site private property?
Is the site gated with restricted access?
Do you have a security team in place?
Do you need any software integration? For example with your own delivery service or stock availability system?
Do you need any hardware integration? For example with gates / lifts / security system?
Do you have Internet available everywhere on site?
Are any special capabilities of the robot needed?
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