Delivering an Autonomous Future

Imagine a city where delivery vans no longer fill the roads, air pollution and congestion are reduced, and robots and humans share the streets: a city where delivering and receiving goods is hassle-free. Impossible? Absolutely not! This is a city where autonomous robots facilitate every part of urban life: it is a future that we are creating right now.
Autonomous robots are coming: it's not a question of how, but when. Eliport are determining this when. We are inventing autonomous robots that will easily slot into urban life, becoming an everyday sight. They will help you at work, at home, on the street: whizzing around next to you on the pavement, cleaning the streets so people don't have to, delivering your parcels on time, and much, much more. Autonomous robots will change life as we know it.
We want to be at the forefront of this revolution.

About Eliport

Eliport was born out of a desire to solve the 'unsolvable' in last-mile delivery services.
We aim to solve the last mile logistics problem by providing a fleet of ground-based, robotic delivery machines that will change the face of cities overnight. These robots are intended to be autonomous; they will travel on pavements and in pedestrian zones at walking speed.

The differentiating factor between Eliport and other AGVs is that we are able to load and unload without human interaction. As such, we help businesses accomplish the goal of having a reliable and cost effective delivery service for urban and suburban areas, as well as solving all convenience-based delivery issues for the end consumer.

Eliport is creating autonomous robots for the delivery industry that will change cities for the better, saving everyone time, stress and money.
Dmitry Skorinko
I have worked in software development for many years now, and have built lots of complex projects from scratch. I was, until recently, a technical lead at the successful on-demand delivery startup, Glovo (based in Barcelona), where I worked on the last-mile delivery of almost anything that can be delivered. I know all about what machines can deliver, what customers expect and what kinds of scenarios can crop up in this market.
I like hiking and do poi juggling when nobody's watching.
Patrick Synge
Chief Partnership Director
I have spent the last few years building strong partnerships with key international players in the food and FMCG industries. Understanding their need to deliver delicate and time-sensitive products to individual consumers has been imperative to my ability to forge long-lasting relationships with them and their businesses. It is my dream to be able to bring the future of delivery to these sectors and to be a part of pushing the boundaries of X2C delivery.
I also dream about drones, snowboarding and snacking.
Giuseppe Ricci
Robotics Lead
With about 10 years of experience in robotics, managing teams of engineers and leading projects of all sizes, I'm ready for a massive challenge! I recently led the mechatronics development for one of the most advanced humanoid robotic platforms ever made - the iCub. I founded the hardware and robotics enthusiasts laboratory in Genova, where I built a community of volunteers big enough to enable the self-maintenance of the laboratory. Most recently I led a project of humanoid robot in Barcelona, Spain. I love my longboard and Italian food (stereotypical, I know!).
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